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Hello and welcome to the homepage of the Baier Driving School. In times of climate change, with the ever present issue of how much humans are contributing and what each individual can do to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, the question naturally arises: should we drive a car or not?


I, too, have been dealing with the issue of environmental protection for years, whether professionally (as a driving instructor, ecotrainer, moderator, etc.) or in my private life. How can I personally care for the climate, what is meaningful and sustainable and what makes no sense at all.


Therefore, I also arrived at the ultimate question: what is the right type of drive? Internal combustion engines such as petrol, diesel, gas? Electric motors? Hybrid drive, i.e., a combination of combustion and electric motor technologies?


Or perhaps the fuel cell drive, which converts hydrogen into energy while “only” generating water vapour?


Countless further education courses and lectures taught me that determining which type of drive I choose to use as my means of transport is a matter of faith. The key question is, how do I obtain the required resource in each case?


If, for example, diesel and petrol were to be produced synthetically (which is unfortunately not yet the case, we still use fossil fuel in most cases), an internal combustion engine can also be Co2 neutral. However, this process requires a lot of electricity, which is why it must be generated sustainably (wind, hydro, solar).


As things stand today, electromobility will be used in urban areas and metropolitan centers in the future, while internal combustion engines will be used for travelling.


Since I usually travel in and around the city, in December 2019, in accordance with the motto “Trying instead of studying”, I decided to no longer offer driver training in vehicles using an internal combustion engine (fossil fuel) and from January 2020 to offer it exclusively in electrically powered vehicles instead. I bought a Tesla Model 3, which allows me to give you the opportunity to form your own opinion. What do you think about electromobility? Your chance to get to know electric vehicles in daily use and compare them with a vehicle with a combustion engine.


“Only those who are open to new things can broaden their horizons.”


In this spirit, I wish you an electrifying training course, plenty of fun and see you soon at the Baier Driving School.

At the Baier Driving School, a one-hour driving lesson costs Fr. 89.- as part of a 10-lesson package.


In addition to driving lessons in German, I also offer lessons in English.


If you also want to embark on the adventure of getting your driving licence and are looking for an experienced, patient and reliable driving instructor, I look forward to meeting you in person very soon.

Electric driving with the Baier Driving School

Have you always wanted to drive a Tesla? The Baier Driving School in Wallisellen is the place to go! I also place great value on an environmentally conscious lifestyle in my private life. Therefore, it was only logical to add a Tesla Model 3 to the range of services offered by my driving school, where I now teach interested driving students how to drive in an electric car.


After all, the Tesla is the car of the future, and I would also like to integrate this environmentally friendly forward-thinking approach into my everyday working life.

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